Why you should consider getting used testing equipment from Sonoran Surplus

used testing equipment

Getting used testing equipment from Sonoran Surplus

Establishing a new research facility requires a lot of cash. If you think about all the inventory you need, it can stress you out if you are cash-strapped. Set your worries aside by choosing an affordable distributor of used testing equipment for sale known as Sonoran Surplus.

Having been in business for years, Sonoran Surplus has gained the trust of numerous research facilities, individual lab technicians, and even manufacturing companies around the world. Customers not only believe in their used testing equipment but also like their other services. The company, therefore, takes great pride in its customer base and continues being a top leader in the industry.

If you don’t have the funds to buy new testing equipment or need specific models, our article should give you valid solutions. Our discussion aims at providing you with every detail you need about used testing equipment for sale. We will explain why you should choose Sonoran Surplus and the benefits you can get from them. Find out the type of used testing equipment they offer and the kind of services you should expect from them. Read on!

What is Sonoran Surplus?

It is a recognized manufacturer and supplier of different types of used testing equipment. Their many years of experience, as well as the use of professionals, sets them apart from other suppliers. They have a warehouse full of refurbished and pre-owned scientific equipment that can help you with your research needs. Since Sonoran Surplus offers thousands of instruments, it is hard not to find a specific model you may be looking for.

Quality is a priority to Sonoran Surplus. That is why they take their time to service and test every used testing equipment for sale to make sure that it meets the specifications of the manufacturer. They, therefore, offer different lab equipment with confidence to satisfy every customer. You can never go wrong with choosing Sonoran Surplus.

Check out the used testing equipment for sale available from Sonoran Surplus

used testing equipment

A right supplier of lab equipment always fulfills the specific needs of each customer. That is the beauty of working with Sonoran Surplus. It not only offers the necessary used testing equipment for sale but always adapts to the changing technologies. They have therefore dedicated an entire page to market new arrivals to customers. Feel free to view the latest systems that different universities and research labs are using nowadays. Some of the used equipment for sale that you can get from Sonoran Surplus are discussed as follows:

  • Handheld spectrum analyzer

Save yourself the trouble of buying outdated spectrum analyzers from overpriced suppliers by choosing Sonoran Surplus. The company offers portable handheld spectrum analyzers that come with sleek designs. You can use them to conduct EM tests on the go. All the spectrum analyzers that come from the company can function as standalone units. The company offers different variations of handheld spectrum analyzers that come with carrying cases and an internal battery. Apart from the tools, you also get accessories that work well with spectrum analyzers.

  • Waveform generators

Get the standard signals you expect by buying waveform generators from Sonoran Surplus. The company provides waveform generators with features that enhance flexibility to help you handle even the most complex jobs. Such used testing equipment for sale generates the specific waveforms you require for challenging measurements. With the diverse range of waveform generators available, it is easy to find the one that is right for your needs. Apart from the waveform generators available, Sonoran Surplus also gives you a chance to customize it by buying additional software from the company.

  • Power quality analyzers

Solve power quality problems with ease by choosing analyzers from here. The company comprehends how challenging it is to find and eliminate specific issues, such as unbalance and swells. That is why it offers power quality analyzers that can help you identify harmonic distortion problems and solve them quickly.  Find an ideal size of power quality analyzer by browsing through the different categories available on the website.

  • Source measurement unit

A source measurement unit combines the useful features of up to five instruments into a single versatile tool. Buying one from Sonoran Surplus can help you enjoy high accuracy. The company offers a wide selection of source measurement units that are fully programmable. As the name suggests, the instrument can source and measure current or voltage at the same time. Both primary and high-end source measurement units are available at Sonoran Surplus.

  • RF test equipment

Go through used testing equipment for sale and look at the RF test devices available. You can use the filter option if you have a specific model in mind or sort them according to price or relevance. The company designs light-weight and compact RF test equipment, which you can use to measure both analog and digital signals at different frequencies.

What makes Sonoran Surplus different from the rest?

Since Sonoran Surplus is one of the largest suppliers of refurbished lab equipment, we are not surprised by its great warranty. Every used testing equipment for sale comes with an extended warranty to assure you that you are not wasting your money on the products.

The coverage starts the day you receive your product. You, therefore, get enough time to check the used testing equipment for sale and ascertain its condition. If you are not contented with the condition of the product, you can always return it as long the warranty period has not expired. The policy, however, excludes consumable parts.

When you don’t have enough testing equipment in your facility, it can affect your research and timelines negatively. That is why the Sonoran Surplus is keen on uptime. They offer lifetime support to help you any time you need further guidance. The company has a knowledgeable service engineering team that can support your testing equipment at any time. They ensure that your equipment is in top-notch condition so that you can focus on crucial matters such as your research.

The used equipment for sale from Sonoran Surplus also come at competitive and fair prices.  Despite the affordable prices of testing equipment, the company does not compromise on quality. Most of the inventory comes from reputable manufacturers. Though a piece of used testing equipment may have some minor cosmetic blemishes, you should not experience any problems using it.

You can request for a quote from the company as you compare prices of specific models with other suppliers. Each quote from Sonoran Surplus comes with a price match guarantee. The factory trained technicians take care of the alignment and calibration of all the equipment.

They ship used testing equipment for sale with their date of inspection. You can even ask for the test results during delivery. In some cases, you may find the name of the technician who serviced the equipment on your product. The company is also keen on cleaning and packaging the equipment to ensure that everything arrives in a top-notch condition ready for installation.

If you don’t have the time to assemble complicated testing equipment, you can leave everything to Sonoran Surplus. They offer not only shipping services but also assembly at a small fee. Feel free to enquire more about the installation and assembly services available by contacting the support desk. The company also has a valid privacy policy that enhances credibility. If you order your goods online, you can pay for them without worrying about any security issues.

They take all the standard precautions to ensure that your details are safe. You can, therefore, submit your details through their website, including your credit card data, to pay for used testing equipment quickly. They make use of encryption systems to secure your details. The company also grants access to such information to only specialists that have to perform specific tasks on the equipment you need.

You can also request for the servicing of your equipment from Sonoran Surplus. Most of the used testing equipment requires proper maintenance to give you excellent service for years. If you need some repairs on any of your lab equipment, reach out to the company and let them help you boost the life of your inventory.

They can also help you get rid of any idle lab equipment that is taking extra space in your facility. If you want to sell any of your used lab equipment, inform them and fill in the details of the equipment. Selling your lab equipment through Sonoran Surplus can help you get returns on your investment. You also get enough money to restock your facility with current models.


Final thoughts

The suppliers of used testing equipment for sale may be many, but the Sonoran Surplus stands out. Whether you are new to used lab equipment or not, the company reduces every doubt you may have regarding such instruments. They offer not only durable products but also great assistance on demand. They offer a wide range of lab equipment, from general ones to sophisticated analytical tools. Upgrade your test equipment with the help of Sonoran Surplus today. 

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