5 Used Laboratory Equipment Categories that Can boost Your Clinical Laboratory

used laboratory equipment

Get used laboratory equipment from Sonoran Surplus

Do you need to replace some of your lab equipment but lack the money to buy new ones? The lack of laboratory equipment should not be a barrier to conducting research and discovering new solutions. Consider used lab equipment for sale from Sonoran Surplus.

You can get every type of used laboratory equipment you require to advance your science from the company. They work hard to supply high-quality equipment to numerous scientists from different parts of the country. Apart from the valuable equipment available here, you will also like the affordable prices that Sonoran Surplus sets on different lab items to help power your innovation and research.

If you are new to used laboratory equipment for sale, you may be wondering why it is a viable option in comparison to buying new lab equipment. Go through our discussion today to find why you should consider the alternative. We will also discuss the type of equipment you can get from Sonoran Surplus and what you should consider before making purchases. Enjoy!


Why should you consider buying Used Laboratory Equipment?

The cost of buying new laboratory equipment is often high. If you don’t have a well-established facility, you may not have enough money to burn on new equipment. Luckily, you don’t have to be restricted to new lab equipment alone since companies such as Sonoran Surplus have used lab equipment for sale. It can help you save as much as 70% on the original cost of equipment. You can even save on the smallest devices, such as test tubes, if you choose used lab equipment for sale.

Some people assume that only poorly funded school labs consider used laboratory equipment. On the contrary, scientists in different research facilities, as well as industry labs, also opt for used lab equipment. Apart from its financial benefits, buying used lab equipment also minimizes landfill fodder. It helps you get additional cash that you can use on other needs. If your facility works with specific models that are not available in the local market anymore, you can easily access such equipment from the secondhand market. You can also prolong the life of your current accessories by choosing used lab equipment.

The option also saves you from having to learn how to use new equipment.  Some people even end up supporting charity causes by buying used lab equipment. If you intend to make a difference in your community, then used lab equipment for sale is a viable option.

Most of the sources that offer used lab equipment for sale also provide impressive services to their customers. When you choose Sonoran Surplus, you will enjoy not only their used lab equipment but also services. They prioritize customer satisfaction, thus ship your products within the shortest time possible. The problem with ordering new lab equipment is that you have to wait before receiving your goods. Save yourself from such inconveniences by choosing used lab equipment for sale.

What Sonoran Surplus has in store for you


Whether you are looking to replace one type of lab equipment or need different sets, Sonoran Surplus has got your back. The company works with scientists that calibrate and align used equipment to give you practical solutions. Most lab technicians prefer Sonoran Surplus over other used equipment suppliers since they pay attention to detail and offer diverse options. You can always find repurposed lab equipment which can complement your entrepreneurial spirit.

When you work with Sonoran Surplus, you can minimize uncertainty since the company offers used lab equipment, which inspires science. You don’t have to incur any upfront costs for your items. Some of the equipment available from the company falls under the following categories.

  • Analytical instruments

Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples by getting your analytical instruments from Sonoran Surplus. Such tools can help you determine the chemical makeup of every sample. The company offers such used lab equipment for sale for different applications. Some of the analytical instruments that the company provides include chromatographs, titrators, thermal analyzers, and rheometers.

  • Autoclave for lab

Numerous research institutes around the country trust Sonoran Surplus for its high-quality autoclaves. The company provides lab autoclaves with multiple features for sterilization and disinfection. You can use autoclaves to sterilize labware and get rid of contaminants on biological waste. The company offers different forms, such as benchtop, horizontal, and vertical autoclaves.

  • Microscope for lab

Sonoran Surplus understands that you need to buy microscopes that can fit your job demands. That is why it works with leading brands in the industry to produce microscopes of the highest standards. You can use microscopes for the lab to view different blood cells on bacteria in different organisms. The company offers different types of lab microscopes, such as scanning probe and electron microscopes. Buy such used lab equipment for sale today to get high-quality images. As you compare the different models available, you should focus on the specific features that each form has to determine if it is the right fit. Sonoran Surplus offers both simple microscopes for labs with the basic features and advanced types with sophisticated functionality.

  • Microbalance and ultra-micro balances

If your job involves weighing small loads, then you should consider getting microbalances and ultra-micro balances from Sonoran Surplus. The supplier offers excellent used lab equipment for sale that can boost weighing performance and help you work faster and better. The ultra-micro balances and microbalances from Sonoran Surplus can help you meet the accuracy requirements of your facility. As you purchase them, you need to determine the most crucial factors, such as corrosion protection and user-safety.

  • Spectrophotometer analysis

Each chemical compound is known to transmit, reflect, or absorb light over a range of wavelengths. If you want to measure how much a chemical substance transmits or absorbs, you need to conduct spectrophotometer analysis. A spectrophotometer from Sonoran Surplus can help you determine the intensity of light that a chemical compound absorbs. The company offers both IR and UV-visible spectrophotometers.

What level of services should you expect from Sonoran Surplus?

Apart from its high-end used lab equipment, the company also offers excellent services. Most customers love working with Sonoran Surplus due to their remarkable customer support. They provide in-depth descriptions of all the used-equipment present and give you further guidance even after making a purchase. The website also avails all the contact information that you need to get in touch with the team.

You can also enjoy excellent shipping services from choosing Sonoran Surplus. Ensure you go through the information on the website regarding shipping to avoid frustrations. All the items that they ship are fully insured. You should get your package in perfect condition and avoid signing any shipping documents in case of a damaged product.

Your guide to buying used lab equipment for sale


Now that you know what you can get from Sonoran Surplus, you should know the right way to go about your purchase. For you to gain all the benefits of used lab equipment, you have to scrutinize each item with caution and assess the risks beforehand. If you have never bought such lab equipment before, you need to do a lot of research before you reach out to the company.

Sonoran Surplus works with well-trained technicians that refurbish equipment to the original specifications of the manufacturer. It means that the company inspects all the lab equipment and replaces any faulty parts before selling. You should, therefore, expect used lab equipment for sale to give you similar service as new lab equipment. Most of them even come with the same warranty for your peace of mind.

As you buy used lab equipment from them, ensure you ask about the parts and the type of reconstruction they do on the specific lab equipment you intend to purchase. Before buying the products, you have to identify the right models that will help you fulfill your lab needs. Be keen on models since the secondary market tends to offer both new and discontinued models.

You can also compare different companies that sell used scientific laboratory equipment before choosing Sonoran Surplus. Your end goal should be to get the best-used lab equipment for sale that can help you with your research needs and save you some costs. The company you choose to work with should have a good reputation, and Sonoran Surplus does not disappoint. You, therefore, end up minimizing the risks of buying faulty equipment.

During your purchase, you should also learn more about the return policy in case of anything. Find out how much time you have to return faulty equipment and the level of customer support you can get from the company. Choosing a Sonoran Surplus ensures that you always have someone at your service when you need further post-purchase assistance.

Final thoughts

Maximize your investment by considering used lab equipment for sale from Sonoran Surplus. The company offers pre-owned laboratory equipment to different facilities across the country. They not only help you save but also simplify your laboratory process by providing high-end products that you will enjoy for years. Feel free to contact them today and drive your research forward.

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